Debut Single

by Well Excuse Me, Princess



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released April 10, 2012

Recorded by Len Carmichael in Trenton, NJ.



all rights reserved


Well Excuse Me, Princess New York, New York

Members of My Turn to Win, District 9/Fahrenheit 451, Dominican Day Parade, and Gorilla Biscuits teaming up and playing pop punk. Who wouldda thought....

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Track Name: Bang Head Here
There’s something really awesome about you and me.
Something different and I know you see
Why we should be together instead of apart.
A thousand miles for now, I know long distance sucks.
But you know what, I really don’t give a fuck
Because I think you’re worth the effort and my time.
Know a lot of boys, I do. (There’s plenty, oh so many)
But I never met a man like you. (They’re all dumb and immature)
I never thought all of this was worth it for any other dude
So I hope you come around sometime soon.

Let me show you that you and me
We could be more happy when we’re together
If you just let me into your heart
And learn to open your mind
Let me show you that you and me
It could be so easy to be together
I promise never to break your heart if you say that you’ll be mine

All I’m saying is, let’s be together.
We can make out in shitty weather
Or any other time, just say you’ll be mine.
We can hold hands and kiss from head to toe.
You’re the one for me and all I know is
We should be together and having fun.

Forgetting about you’s just not happening. (No, it’s not)
And I don’t wanna ‘cuz you’re everything
I never knew that could exist in a guy.
Brown hair and blue eyes, you’re so dreamy. (So dreamy)
You make me laugh so uncontrollably.
I love the way you can always make me smile.

The things you do make my heart melt.  (Into putty, it’s not even funny)
So please don’t make me put you on a shelf. (Don’t wanna do that to you)
I never felt like this before,
I say it all the time.
So somewhere, sometime, let me make you mine.
Track Name: Hey, Claude Giroux
Hey you, hey Claude Giroux, I’m still tryna date you.
Still tryna make you a grilled cheese.
And since there’s no NHL my winter’s been a living hell
Come rescue me pretty pretty please.

Hey Claude Giroux, I know how much cheese means to you.
So I wrote you another cheesy song
So hey Giroux, one date is all I’m asking.
I promise that you would have fun. won’t give me the stats for what I’m looking for
So I’m Knock Knockin’ let me in?

Hey you, hey Claude Giroux, I’d slash Crosby’s wrists for you.
Nothing’s changed he’s still a whiny bitch.
I think you’re the best in the league
Bombay’s got nothin’ on your triple deke
Your presence, I’m sure, makes goalies sick.


Half way through writing this track, the lockout ended, and hockey’s back
But I’d like it if you could still rescue me.
I’m bummed your taste in music’s crap, but I’m sure that I can get past that.
As long as you’ll listen to Metallica with me.


And if you just gave me a chance, I won’t let you down.
Don’t make me write another song again. Please.